Book: Resilience - The Life of a Mexican American. Novel based on a true life story. Names changed to protect participants. Introduction & 18 Chapters. I´ve posted first nine chapters. Interested in reader feedback. If interested, please read and provide me contructive feedback via comments. For additional chapters and poems, email (comments emailed to me, not posted so as not to influence future readers)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

INTRODUCTION:A Mexican American Family

Do you know a Mexican American or a Mexican American family?

They may live next door or down the street from you. They may have many children. Sometimes, multiple families live in the same three-bedroom home.

Who are they? Are they true Americans? What do they think? What are they like?

Go inside one woman’s life and find out the true story for yourself.

Here is the story of Dee Perez-Scott, a Mexican American woman.

As a child, she worked in migrant labor camps. While her parent´s advised old traditions, she grew up in Michigan during the age of Freedom including the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement and Free Love.

How did she survive from the 50´s to the new millennium? How did she transition from one culture to a newly evolved, multi cultural society?

This is the story of Resilience, the life and journey of a Mexican American woman.

Though the names have been changed, this is her True Story.

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